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30 March 2015
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Based on the best-selling Marvel Comics series, “The Ultimates”, Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Blank Panther picks up where Ultimate Avengers left off.  Wakanda, an isolated land in the darkest heart of Africa, is fiercely protected by a young African king, reluctantly assuming the alter ego of The Black Panther following the brutal death of his father at the hands of a mysterious alien.   Brutal invaders are coming soon to fill every sky, blanketing the earth in a cocoon that blocks out all sunlight and seeking what is buried beneath ancient Wakanda. The mighty Black Panther is left with only one option, an option that goes against the sacred decrees of his people – to ask for help from outsiders. There’s only one team to turn to…

The powerful team consists of some of Marvel’s cornerstone characters:  Captain Americaä – the super soldier; Iron Manä - the billionaire bachelor who is used to doing things his own way; Giant-Manä; Thorä - a hero who has the spirit of the god of Thunder; Waspä - a petite powerhouse; Black Widow – Captain America’s girlfriend, a fierce Russian assassin; The Incredible Hulkä - the destructive force Bruce Banner; and General Nick Furyä - their leader. As mankind’s only hope, they combine their forces to fight the impending evil. These mightiest of heroes have battled the aliens before and barely survived…

Marvel aficionados will lap up this latest animated release as it teams together some of the most iconic superheroes ever.  Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Black Panther is an explosive, much anticipated sequel.