PONYO (Double Play Blu-ray and DVD)

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07 June 2010
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Welcome to a world of magic and adventure! Academy Award(c)- winning director Hayao Miyazaki (2002, Best Animated Feature, Spirited Away) brings to life a heart-warming and imaginative retelling of Hans Christian Anderson’s classic fairytale The Little Mermaid. And now it’s even more thrilling for the whole family with never before seen extras that will take you on a journey deep into the film’s enchanted world!

A young boy named Sosuke (Frankie Jonas) rescues a goldfish named Ponyo (Noah Cyrus), and they embark on a fantastic journey of friendship and discovery. Under the sea, Ponyo’s father, the Wizard Fujimoto (Liam Neeson) is desperate for his daughter to return to their undersea home and uses his magic to bring her back, much to Ponyo’s dismay. But Ponyo, ever the stubborn little goldfish, longs to return to her special friend. She magically transforms herself into a little girl and finds her way back to Sosuke’s house where she and her friend embark on a series of adventures. However Ponyo has accidentally stumbled upon her father’s magical Water of Life and triggered a gigantic storm. Now Ponyo must use all her magic and bravery to restore balance to the world they all cherish.

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